Palomitay (la vi por vez primera) (ইংরেজী অনুবাদ)

স্পেনীয়, Quechua

Palomitay (la vi por vez primera)

La vi por vez primera
temblando de ansiedad,
¡ay de mí, ay de mí, ay de mí...!
Quise huir, mas no pude:
tenía roto el corazón,
¡ay de mí, ay de mí, ay de mí...!
Al cielo pido, al cielo clamo:
"¿Por qué delito padezco yo?".
El cielo justo responde y dice:
"Si es tu delito, padécelo".
Palomitay, ¿maipi kanki?
Qayraiku sunquy waqan
¡jampuway, jampuway….jampuway!
wañuy niña,
Inti k’anchamuq tinri**,
¡jampuway, jampuway….jampuway!
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Letra sacada de aquí:

Gente, me tomé el trabajo de transcribir la parte en español que no aparecía en la descripción del video, espero sepan apreciarlo.

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ইংরেজী অনুবাদ

Palomitay-Oh, my sweetheart (I saw her for the first time ever)

I saw her for the first time ever
quivering (trembling) out of anxiety (fear/apprehension/trepidation),
alas! Alas! Alas! (Poor me! Poor me! Poor me!!).
I wanted to flee away/escape, yet I couldn’t make it:
I had my heart broken by you,
alas! Alas! Alas! (Poor me! Poor me! Poor me!!).
I implore Heaven, I clamour to heaven:
"What wrongdoing I perpetrated (committed) to suffer from?".
Righteous Heaven makes a response and says:
"If it is your sin, then bear it (endure it/undergo it/sustain it)".
Oh, my sweetheart, I don’t know your whereabouts.
My heart sheds tears in distress, because of you,
come back to me, come back to me… come back to me!
While waiting for you,
I passed away/I departed this life,
up until the sun shined down/ right up till the Eternal Sunshine**,
come back to me, come back to me… come back to me!
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*** Inti k’anchamuq tinri -it is abstract in meaning. "Inti k’anchamuq tinri", may mean:
OPTION 1: Up until the sun shined down
OPTION 2: Right up till the Eternal Sunshine


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