Prinz Ali (ইংরেজী অনুবাদ)

  • শিল্পী: Aladdin (OST)
  • ফিচারিং শিল্পী: Peer Augustinski
  • গান: Prinz Ali
ইংরেজী অনুবাদ

Prince Ali

Outta the way for Prince Ali!
Say "Hi" to Prince Ali!
Fast will be boasted on the City Bazaar
Make room, thick block, Because the wonderful
Star from the desert is now within reach!
Dodges! What a day! Applause! Bang!
A hero like everyone likes!
Prince Ali Goody like never! Ali Abawa!
Be submissive! Come on, idiot! Go on your knees!
He will cast you under his spell!
Pull on the sunday kaftan!
Because his team breaks the wildest fantasy!
Prince Ali Muscles like never! Ali Abawa!
A Colossus from where does he take the Energy?
His bravery is everywhere know!
His sword is sharp and rapid
But the sharpest in the Land is Prince Ali!
He brings 200 golden camels,
50 peacocks with color guarantee!
His collection is highly recommended!
He has a zoo! Man nowhere can you see such a menagerie!
Prince Ali sexy like never! Ali Abawa!
This strength how it makes me done! Get soft knees!
The Guys isn't bad!
That's why draw rightly your veils!
And jump right into the fight for Prince Ali!
He is bringing snow white Apes from China!
Alis gallantry borders on mania!
He is having slaves, Lackeys and servants!
Thay are living for him, pray for him
How they kneel with discipline in front of Ali!
Prince Ali, brave like never! Ali Ababawa!
With respect probably the most perfect match!
He heard that Jasmine was free and that's why he looks over!
He has the elephants and lamps
and bears and lions, trumpets and more!
The 40 fakirs, the cooks, the bakers, the singing hummingbirds!
Cheers to Prince Ali!
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Prinz Ali

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