Réquiem de madre (ইংরেজী অনুবাদ)

ইংরেজী অনুবাদইংরেজী

A Mother's Requiem

Here lies a poor woman,
Who died from exhaustion,
In her life she could never have
Her hands crossed over her lap.1
In this valley of cloth and soap,
I'll go as I have come,
No more luck than the obligation,
Higher pay than oblivion.
Hallelujah, I'm moving to a place,
Where nothing ever gets dirty.
No one will ask me to feed them,
In my final resting place,
I won't have to iron nor sow,
As if I were condemned.
Angels sing 'round,
This eternal scullery maid,
And they change her towel,2
For a crown.
Do not mourn this poor woman,
Because she's on her way,
To a place where there's no sweeping,
Where there's no kitchen.
Hallelujah, this poor
Blessed woman,
She has nothing more to do now,
And she does nothing more now.
  • 1. Her hands were always busy with chores, never still.
  • 2. kitchen or dish towel.
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Réquiem de madre