Rat race

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Rat race (ইংরেজী) — A way of life in which people are caught up in a continuous competitive struggle for wealth or power or in everyday activities involving others such as driving, shopping, etc.. This may be so routine as to require little cognitive thought. A matter of consistant conditioning it if carefully analyzed is unnecessary.
A literal rat race is a competion of rats progressing through a maze/mazes and observing which one completes the circuit, the task the fastest.

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Rat race — fierce, competitive struggle for power, position etc...

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Rat race — 1. мышиная возня; 2. бесплодная деятельность; 3. ожесточенная конкуренция

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Rat race — insanların birbiriyle yarış içerisinde olduğu mücadele ortamı

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গানে "Rat race"

These bad boys like to smack me in the bum
My crew's blowing up like Chappies bubblegum
Popping in your face, nyaaaa
Yo fuck the rat race my style is rap rave
My crew is kak fresh, so who the fuck cares?
What you fucking think, I'm the type of chick

Die Antwoord - I Fink U Freeky

Saving my life
Saving my life

Are you stuck in a rat race that you won't win?
Are you scared that you'll never wake up?
Will they make you punch in, when you're there in the morning

Gorgon City - Saving My Life

I’m sure I had a green light
Crawling over the thought that I would die

Then from the x-ray, back to the rat race
I want to win this, and know that I’m alive

Jetta - Feels Like Coming Home

Give me a shoulder I can lean onto
And lull me into safe certitude
Get me out of this rat race world
And slow the tempo in my life down
Give me something, something that lasts

Silbermond - Something that Lasts

You say, “Now what’s your style and
Who do you listen to?” Who cares?
Well, that rat race ladder-climbing
Fake-face smile’s got nothing on me

Foster the People - Call It What You Want


Even if the rat race
constantly is soaking us with showers
when we pick up singing

Vasilis Tsitsanis - We are ghetto brothers

Sono solo un'altra faccia tra una folla.
Vado giù in un modo,
Catturato in una macchina e spinto fuori a destra.
Sto vivendo una rat race,
Sto guardando per la mia anima nel perso e trovato.

Simple Plan - Vita comune

<strong>[Verse 2:]</strong>
There he is again, your best enemy.
Recently, it looks like a rat race.
The media won’t acknowledge that I’m a changed man
and sadly always label me as the gangster.

Bushido - Your Best Enemy

And then say God Bless him.

While one who sings with his tongue on fire
Gargles in the rat race choir
Bent out of shape from society's pliers
Cares not to come up any higher

Bob Dylan - It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)

All I know is I can't live with you

We're stuck in a bad place
We're trapped in a rat race
And we can't escape
Maybe there's been some mistake

Queen - I Can't Live With You

So when I come home feeling tired and beat
I'll go up where the air is fresh and sweet
I'll get far away from the hustling crowd
And all the rat-race noise down in the street

On the roof, that's the only place I know

James Taylor - Up on the roof

your life has no price (value)
you should raise your pants and other right-wing shit

Too many have been captured to the rat race
pure atheist, to me the spray can a bible
No need to have an attitude, we have to learn to adapt

Avain - Red Brick

Like this, we gonna drop the beat
Rock the house, get you up on your feet
Get away from the rat race
It's a paaarty

Baha Men - Holla

Your angel eyes are shining bright
I wanna take your hand, lead you from this place
Gonna leave it all behind
[Check out] Check out of this rat race
Ride the wild wind [hey hey hey] hey hey hey
Ride the wild wind hey hey hey-hey [hey hey hey]

Queen - Ride The Wild Wind

It's time to take the pressure off

[Verse 2: Duran Duran]
Swimming with the rat race
Or running against the tide
It's everybody's business when there's nowhere to hide

Duran Duran - Pressure off

Act like a bird of prey
Let go.

This day, that day, everyday a rat race
Been around since fat lace, tell me how that tastes, partner
No I'm not a chancer, looking for the right answers like catch phrase

Example - Skies Don't Lie

Je zegt, "Nu wat is je stijl en naar
wie luister je?" Waarom?
Wel, dat rat race ladder-klimmen
Vals-gezicht lach doet niets met mij

Foster the People - Noem het hoe je wilt

I'm on a mission
I've got no decision
Like a cripple running the rat race
Wish in one hand shit in the other
And see which one gets filled first

Green Day - Geek Stink Breath

[1st Verse: Max Herre:]
He worked hard his whole life in the daily grind. [fn]Straight translation: Er hat ein Leben lang gebuckelt in der Tretmühle = He (worked) hunched over his whole life in the treadmill. Additional synonyms for Tretmühle/treadmill are:
grubwork, hard work, labor, routine, rut, toil, rat race, daily grind, battle of life, hamster cage, vicious circle, hamster cage, squirrel cage, working day, grind.
If you ask him how he feels, he just says

Max Herre - One Day Too Many

Radio, video
Boogie with a suitcase
Your livin' in a disco
Forget about the rat race
Let's do the milkshake, sellin' like a hotcake
Try some buy some fee-fi-fo-fum

Jedward - Pop Muzik

Wrapped in the christening shawl of a hangover
Baptised in the tears from the real

Drowning in the liquid seize on the Piccadilly line, rat race
Scuttling through the damp electric labyrinth
Caress Ophelia's hand with breathstroke ambition

Marillion - Fugazi

I wanna just slow down, it's a crazy world

I ain't gonna make the world change
I don't gotta win the rat race
I just wanna see your face tonight

Boys Like Girls - Crazy World

But I believe I can stand everything I created, and I made mental problems a trend in Finnish rap
Maybe this has a connection to intoxicants after all, others point to the society, I point to myself
Through dirty toes, psyche trances nowadays I walk through traffic jams even if I have to dance
The strength of mind, I won't bow to meds, when brakes don't work in this rat race
The seat is breaking too, I feel like everyone who'd want to fight back adapted already or are nervous
I have to undertake a bee, when lonely words are falling from mouth and die in your feet

Timo Pieni Huijaus - Windmill

Let me take you down to London city
Where the attitude's bad and the weather is sh-tty
Everybody's on a paper chase
It's one big rat race
Everybodys got a screw face
So many 2 face,

Florence + The Machine - You've Got The Dirtee Love

I'm just another face in a face less crowd.
I'm going down one way,
Caught up in the machine and I'm spit right out.
I'm living in a rat race,
I'm looking for my soul in the lost and found.

Simple Plan - ordinary life

but everything is relative when you wake up.
Do not sleep, all of them lie, that newspaper lies also,
humble people are becoming so rare,
the rat race is in place, cash is like fetish,
but the morality is torn into confetti, and it is pathetic.
[Human] values are replaced by [material] items,

Strajk - Angels and Demons

In here we are just humans.
Few dare to do what their heart says
Run away too scared to grab a hold
Apparently I should get out of this rat race
But at times even the stray wants to get away from the rain.
Life, ain't nothing more, but I only have one here to lose

Elastinen - Free

No stoppin' now. Shout It Out

Caught between a rock and a hard place
Stuck in the rat race
Is this what it's like livin' free I get no sense of liberty
Rock and a hard place

Crazy Lixx - Rock And A Hard Place

You got the horse race;
You got the dog race;
You got the human-race;
But this is a rat race, rat race!

Bob Marley - Rat Race

I know that this location
Is not where our story ends

Get up cause the rat race never ends
This life is a marathon
And I plan to run so much more than a sprint

SMASH Cast - Cut, Print...Moving On

This walk can get lonely
I lose myself inside my head.
No one can touch you when you're outside staring in.
Remove myself from this rat race.

Back and forth the struggle consumes us all.

Atreyu - Becoming The Bull

Brothers trippin', brothers slippin'
Trying to survive through another day
The need and the greed for money
Has got this world in a rat race
(Now check this out)
Just the the other day I was kickin it

L.V. - Fire From The Gun

Let’s just sing a song Please Refill the Battery

I lived like such a fool
I was living in a rat race
It all passes passes passes, the lost time

Sunny Hill - The Grasshopper Song

When life is hard (life is hard)
When life is just unfair
We'll have a laugh (have a laugh)
Have a laugh at the rat race
We'll make a new place
Don't you make me frown

Scouting For Girls - Gotta Keep Smiling

Every day Every day
Again, every night
But I’m fresh
I’ve escaped the rat race
Yes tonight

Taemin - Pretty Boy

City dweller, successful fella
Thought to himself
Oops I've got a lot of money
I'm caught in a rat race terminally
I'm a professional cynic
But my heart's not in it

Blur - Country House

I could've been a contender
I could've been a someone
Caught up in the rat race
And feeling like a no one
Could've been me in the papers

Reverend and The Makers - Heavyweight Champion Of The World

Take me to your place in space
I'm sick and tired of the rat race
On rocket ship no time to wait
I just want to gravitate

War - Galaxy

I once was a king of my own designs
Now a pawn walking streets skipping cracks in the pavement lines
Just a pale face lost in a rat race trying to pull a sad face
Lost in a lonely crowd

Bressie - Breaking My Fall

Aah life, living in a rat race, c'mon

Hmm life, are you living in a rat race?
C'mon, here inside yourself

Billy Idol - Rat Race

What is my message I could sing out loud?
The hidden truth that lies behind?
There ain’t no good phrase in the daily rat race
I got trouble in my mind

Petruska - Trouble in My Mind

But perhaps…
put the newspaper aside, turn off the TV set,
slow down, chill out, stop the rat race,
lay on the grass and listen to the earth,
reset your brain, clean your conscience.

Kabaret Skeczów Męczących - Do we have here a loony?

There’s no breakthrough

It’s the same every day
The same rat race
And there’s no change
Pick up the pace

Dér Heni - The Gray

I go up where the air is fresh and sweet
(up on the roof)
I get away from the hustling crowd
And all that rat-race noise down in the street
(up on the roof)
On the roof, the only place I know

The Drifters - Up On The Roof

Half awake I switch on the Television. A flood of images streams into my weary head.
Murders, burglary, and fatal accidents. New fads and idols. I don’t want to hear it.
I don’t have any time for relaxation. Life stuck in the rat race is wearing us down.
All I want is something nice for a change. All we want is something nice for a change.

amazarashi - People Are Good

Loyally and I remain,
And I suggest you do the same again
Foundation in da Holy place
Rasta man we na run rat race
Hail up the king of kings with grace
Give Jah all you thanks and praise

Stephen Marley - "Jah Army"

You will do as you please
With you or without you
This rat race will continue
This is your face
And life, and time

Magdalena Welc - Little girl

Lightning bolt your ear like LT
But this ain’t football
Mid-city magic
It's parades after the rat race
Wreck the grand Marshals
Buffet until they stack plates

dilated peoples - L.A. River Drive

(1st Verse)

I'm worn out, wrecked and I haven't slept
This rat race has got me feeling stressed
So I grab me a cab to the other side of town
I think that it's time I caught the other side of down

LFO - Suzie's Pillow (Hidden Track)

Don't despair
I'll cut to the chase
I'm finding my feet
In this rat race I'm just trying to succeed

I'm gonna throw caution to the wind

Becky Hill - Caution To The Wind

Is the life you seek made of senseless ease?
Do you need someone just to cool your blood?

Or could you ride away from the rat race baby?
Could you dream away all your restless blues?
Could you hide away in the peaceful hours?

Hamilton Leithauser - 5 A.M.

Refuge, sought in routine
Another gear in their fucking machine

See, you can win the rat race
But you're still
Nothing but a fucking rat

Parkway Drive - Unrest

Until you helped me put my feet on solid ground
I've been rich and I've been poor
Then you showed me that there's so much more
Than the rat race and the fast pace
Could ever offer me
When I look back, baby

Stephanie Mills - Something in the Way (You Make Me Feel)

Telling himself: Be a serious!
Always counting those numbers!
He's got a red face and a mushroom head
He's spent too long in the rat race
Too long in the dead days

Lisa Mitchell - The Story of the Raven and the Mushroom Man

Ping pong
Serving up another time bomb
A fairy tale that couldn’t keep calm
A rat race without a prize.
Maybe it's not too late to apologize...

L'Aura - Apologize

But there seems to be no end or reason
Yet we still carry on

You see, the purpose of the rat race defeats me
When we're gone, what's left behind?
But there seems to be no end

Enter Shikari - Rat Race

Don't take the subway don't go that way
It's not a safe way we'll go our way
Gotta cross town back to my place
Pull the shades down screw the rat race
We're alone now undercover
Hang the sign out don't disturb

10cc - Taxi! Taxi!

Night as the night, and day as the day.

The transparent dreams on palms, the male superstitions,
To prove you are the best, the rat race.
A gray city, a dough in the morning, the shoulder boards in the evening,
This is the final station, please leave the train cars.

Boombox - She Is Alone

A night like a night and a day like a day

The dreams are transparent in the palms, male superstitions
To prove the you're the best, the rat race
Grey city, morning pastry, evening chase
The train doesn't go any further, please, vacate the carriages

Boombox - The only one

We never should have left town in the first place
Now we gotta walk like they talk in the rat race
Keep your eyes on the prize if you want it all

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - The Man Who Built The Moon

And then maybe you'll begin to feel like I feel, once again

[Verse 2]
Rat race, maze
Occupy, blind sheep
Save us! save us! Save us!

Of Mice & Men - The Hunger