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  • শিল্পী: English Folk
  • গান: The Military Representative
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    Traduzione del testo originale inglese in lingua tedesca.

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The Military Representative

The Muckemdyke Tribunal sat in state the other day
To give or else refuse exemptions in the usual way
The first case was a man who'd had a wooden leg from birth
The chairman said “Exempted, now hop home for all you're worth!”
But the military representative got up and shouted “Bosch
a wooden leg - By Gosh!
Such tales will never wash!
They called upon the next case
Then a woman rose and said
I'm very sorry gentleman
But my poor husband is dead
The chairman said “Well he’s exempted, he needn't come again.”
“Oh, thank you.” said the widow as she ran to catch a train
But the military representative got up and shouted “Hi!!
How dare your husband die!
He was A1 in July
What say ma'am? He's in heaven now?
Well you just let him know
I'm sending a Sergeant to fetch him back
For of course he's got to go!”
They called on Rip van Winkle next and smiling all serene
He mumbled “Gents, I'm 91, you've got me down 19!”
(…) but the military representative got up and shouted “Say!”
Don't let him run away, though he's 91 today!
There are men down at the War office as old as he I know!
And I'm sure they’re a damn site sillier
So of course he's got to go!”
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"The Military Representative" এর আরও অনুবাদ
silencedsilenced    বৃহস্পতি, 10/10/2019 - 20:09

Not only are a few stanzas skipped, but the 1st is incomplete and makes little sense.