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  • শিল্পী: Mgła
  • এলবাম: Presence (track 3)
  • গান: Presence III
  • অনুরোধ: ইংরেজী → গ্রীক
  • অনুবাদসমূহ: রাশিয়ান

Presence III

Follow the wounds,
enter the self-inflicted gateway
Let the Devil come through
There is a purpose in self-destruction
There is a pattern in razorblade chaos
Golden spirals, flesh tear opened
Bleeding, fracturing, burning, healing
For men shall sin, and not repent!
Betraying the call of continued creation.
A thousand pages written with blood
Words and images of uttermost horror
And the visions, shaped for millennia,
Of holy negativity approaching.
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These are the official lyrics, taken from the booklet.

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