Rosenkrieg (ইংরেজী অনুবাদ)

ইংরেজী অনুবাদ

Rose War

Zemine: And Darling how was your day
Blumio: Well nothing
special complete normal
Zemine: How complete normal?
Blumio: Well what should i say you know don't ask me such stupid
Zemine: (Hey)
Blumio: Cause you aren't really interested in it just because your mother is here you musn't play around like this
Zemine: Oh Sorry we stay with the Truth Mom this boy don't is having a Job.
Blumio: But I'm a Rapper
Zemine: Thats not a
Blumio: What?
Zemine: You don't get any Cent but you feel so cool.
Blumio: But i work on my Career.
Zemine: What Career make a apprenticeship.
You make me so angry that i get a rage.
Blumio: So you always act when you have your bloody days.
Zemine: What?
Blumio: What about you you always hang around
Zemine: Shut Up!
Blumio: We live almost at the minimum of existence and then you always order something at the teleshop
Zemine: I don't
Blumio: You do
Zemine: I don't
Blumio: You do
The blood-red flowers fall down on them.
And for the big love the tide turns.
Yeah the blood-red flowers fall down on them.
And for the big love the tide turns!
It is Rose War they loved each other so much that they decided for the love to death
It is Rose War they loved each other so much but maybe they lost already all their chances
Zemine: You feel like Superman but you just have a Alcohol Problem!
Blumio: Of course cause you drive me crazy. And you, you got a fat ass.
Zemine: What? How can you say such things you fucker i will hit you
Blumio: Haha you won't do it (Hit) Bahh Ouch man are you stupid? Oh wait you bitch you think you're big boss. I flush down the toilet your clothes.
Zemine: Not the one from Prada? No!
Blumio: Yeah the devil wears Prada i also take the one from Dolce Gabbana!
Zemine: You presented them me for alot of money.
Blumio: Oh thats what you think they all was a fake!
Zemine: Oh wait where is your?
Blumio: No please not Pupsi there is reason for!
Zemine: I throw him out of the Window fuck you!
Blumio: No we are in here in the seventh floor!
Blumio: You bitch i kill you now!
Zemine: Oh don't cry cause of such a stinking dog
Blumio: You know that i love my Pupsi!
Zemine: Exactly like your Ex Lisa
Blumio: Uh What?
Zemine: What do you want. I know that you meet her secretly!
Blumio: Yeah i meet up with my Ex cause we had no sex since one year!
Zemine: Because you wimp don't make ut in the bed.
Blumio: Or maybe i don't think you're sexy!
Zemine: You Fucker!
Blumio: Whore!
Mother: Quit it now!
Zemine: Oh Mom you are also there.
Blumio: Oops!
Mother: Kids you argue the whole day just remember how it was at the start!
Blumio: She's right in the past i had such a tickling in my stomach i loved you so much you know?
Zemine: loved you too!
Blumio: What do we turned out to!
Zemine: We wanted to murder us we are probably smothered in our daily worries. I love you!
Blumio: Love you too my sweety you just shouldn't be so bitchy.
Zemine: Who do you call bitchy?
Blumio: You are
Zemine: Porn addicted rapper fucker
Blumio: How could i believe that we can reconcile?
Zemine: I hate you so much i want to kill you you pig i strangle you!
Blumio: Now you show how you really are! You stifle me stop!
Mother: Look out for the window or you fall out!
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