Run around

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Meanings of "Run around"


(noun) Difficult or awkward treatment, especially in which someone is evasive or avoids a question.

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Trcati ukrug, jurcati.

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গানে "Run around"

Joji - XNXX

I don't really wanna run around
'Round, 'round, 'round, 'round, 'round, 'round, 'round, 'round

Ed Sheeran - Cross Me

I really need all you to understand
That nobody's comin' close
And I don't ever wanna run around
I spent my youth jumpin' in and out

Robert Burns - For Days Long Gone By


We two have run around the hillsides,
and pick the daisies content;

Ofra Haza - If (the Doors) are shut

Since they are close to his Throne
They will thank His Name and praise
The sacred animals (holly beasts) will run around
From the Day of Creation they were included (at God's Throne)

The Fault in Our Stars (OST) - Bomfalleralla

In school-clothes so ring call and do your text
And hear me yawn like a hippo
When you run around hot celebrity galas
I feel how my stomach turns

Takagi & Ketra - The army of the selfie

You know, the night of Saturday evening?
I mean the black one, I mean the black one
You know, the people that run around in underwear?
You tell me that they don't exist anymore, you tell me that they don't exist anymore

Bolbbalgan4 - Stars Over Me (별 보러 갈래?)

they called it milky way, it spills out above our heads
You carry me on piggyback and run around the sand
Let’s find the prettiest star and run around all night
stars are over me

LeGrandJD - I Love Unicorns

I love their manes that fly in the wind
They're so beautiful when they run around in the fields
Their pupils light up in the night

MØ - Red Wine

(All the guys gonna round around and say it)
And pour the red wine, red wine, baby
(All the guys gonna run around and say it)
Pour the red wine, red wine, baby

Hataraku saibō (OST) - Mission! Health・Comes・First!

Today I'll eliminate and remove the germs again
Bacteria and virus, come out!
I absolutely won't let them run around and around
We are professional cells at work!

Çukur (OST) - My heart is in pit

If this heart wants to part hand
Never flee back,before they found me
Run around a corner cut the breath
My voice is reduced, i think so

LiL PEEP - Lose My Mind

That feeling when you kiss me tells me I don't need no one else
I had to lose my mind a couple times to find out it's you
I had to run around the world, girl, just to be here, it's true
These other women don't got nothing on the way that she moves

Scarlxrd - Heart Attack

Pull up on the trigger and do the venomous negative (Die)
I'm so down and aggressive
I run around with the weapon
I'm tripping out on the drugs

Mehmet Erdem - Aciyi sevmek olur mu

Heart gets used to suffering
Person (soul) can't endure new loves
Run around in circles, it's always the same
Ask me, who is right?

INTERSECTION - You're the Reason

Yeah you’re the reason why

Run around so free now
We will scream and shout out

Rosalía - If You Only Knew, My Friend

I left my soul in this place; and, therefore,
I have returned to look for it.
Though my body has run around,
traveling the world for leagues and leagues.

Payung Teduh - Oath

I want you to forever be my wife
To walk with you by my side, under blazing heat and rain
To run around all over and to drown in lots of laughs

Lou Monte - Pepino The Mouse

Oh won't you go away
Find yourself another house
To run around and play
You scare my girl

Billy Ocean - Love Really Hurts Without You

You run around town like a fool and you think that it's groovy
You're givin' it to some other guy
Who gives you the eye
You don't give nothin' to me

Annie Lennox - Σε Μαγεύω

Το ξέρεις ότι δεν το αντέχω
"Κοιμάσαι" από εδώ και από εκεί[fn]run around: να συμπεριφέρεσαι με έναν άστατο, ευμετάβλητο και σεξουαλικά ελευθεριάζοντα τρόπο[/fn]
Εσύ ξέρεις καλύτερα, "μπαμπάκα"