Satellitenstadt (ইংরেজী অনুবাদ)


Satellite city

Do you know the satellite city
The one that was shot into space
With a bar and with a supermarket,
theater, salon, and a park
Here lives the astronaut-men
Like a pioneer on his ranch
Light years away from home
day in and day out on a speck
In the satellite city
Satellite city
In the satellite city
Like an iceberg, cold and icy
This is the city of the future world
From reinforced concrete, holds for eternity
This is the future's city
Has everything but warmth.
Andrew DangerouslyAndrew Dangerously দ্বারা শুক্র, 11/04/2014 - 23:08 তারিখ সাবমিটার করা হয়


"Satellitenstadt" এর আরও অনুবাদ
ইংরেজী Andrew Dangerously
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malucamaluca    বৃহস্পতি, 06/08/2015 - 02:21

Original lyrics have been edited:
Dies ist die Zukunftsstadt -> Dies ist die Welt der Zukunftsstadt