Set in stone

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"Set in stone" এর ইডিত্তম্যাটিক অনুবাদ

Written in stone
Carved in stone
Gravé dans le marbre

Meanings of "Set in stone"


Used to emphasize that something is fixed and unchangeable. (ref. Oxford Dictionary)

Explained by Icey on মঙ্গল, 17/07/2018 - 21:33
Explained by Icey

что л. зафиксированное и неизменное (религиозная догма, нормы морали, правила поведения и т.п.)

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Explained by St. Sol

গানে "Set in stone"

Gabrielle Aplin - Home

'Cause they say:
home is where your heart is set in stone
Is where you go when you're alone

Martina Stoessel - Finders Keepers

Name callin’ but we ain’t fallin’

When a thing is set in stone
Always someone tryna chip away chip away

Drake - Legend

And I, I just can't pretend
Seen too much, it's so hard for me to let new people in
I can't change, this shit set in stone
They can't live this long

Mclean (aka Digga) - Broken

I did what most men do, and I messed it up.
But when I got you back, my world was whole.
thought our life was set in stone
But it wasn’t, and I’m here alone.

DJ Flex - Leave You

Oh babe I think you have forgotten
of those dreams that you and I have set in stone
of the two kids we were both to love

Dean Lewis - Waves

And freedom
And falling
The feeling I thought was set in stone
It slips through my fingers

Travis - Driftwood

Everything is open;
Nothing is set in stone.
Rivers turn to oceans;

Kana Hanazawa - Love Circulation

Every long journey begins with one little step!
With a stern determination that is set in stone
Build up a pile of garbage to become Yamato Nadeshiko?

A-ha - Cast In Steel

To be right and to be real

Set in stone and cast in steel.

Justin Bieber - Hit The Ground

And if I could
Forget about the way you love me
Forget about the world, we're set in stone
I'm dreaming with my eyes wide open now

Bushido - 7 Intro

But now I’m back again
And every German rapper will get fucked by me
This is set in stone ¹
Shut up, that’s my usual self

Matthew Perryman Jones - Out Of Reach

Is it starting to break
Underneath my feet
Is it set in stone
Could someone tell me please?

Kanye West - Street Lights

Let me know
Do I still got time to grow
Things ain't always set in stone
That be known let me know

NICO Touches the Walls - Endless Roll

Like I can grasp it, like it’s approachable, everyday continues on endlessly
I make up my mind that “the end” is definitely not set in stone

Amy MacDonald - No Roots

A low low lonely soul

I got no roots they're not set in stone
I got no place that I call home

We Came As Romans - Hope

You can change
You can become selfless
You're not set in stone

New Hope Club - Fixed

You got me fixed on you
You can walk away but I could never let go (never let go no)
Don’t know how you did it but I’m set in stone
Like I’m fixed, fixed, fixed

Guy Sebastian - Set In Stone

And no matter where I am or where I go
We're set in stone

Adelitas Way - Somebody Wishes They Were You

In your eyes I see the fight
Of someone with nothing to lose
Change alone's not set in stone
'Cause I see a lot left in you

Pet Shop Boys - The way it used to be

I can remember nights in Rome
I thought that love would last
A promise set in stone

Kipelov - I'm free

I’m free from love,
Free from enmity and rumors,
From the fate once set in stone
And from earthly chains,

Belau - Island of Promise

Holding on a concrete lie
You set in stone then modify
We were stuck in an empty place

Shane Filan - Today's not yesterday

Today's not yesterday

I know nothing's set in stone
I'll pick up the pieces and try to move on

Matt Cardle - Letters

Send them all, the letters
Fit them all, together
Set in stone, forever
Make it whole, and never

Kwabs - Spirit Fade

The walls are fallen and weather's changed

Blessed figures all set in stone
Gone to hide in shade

Karnivool - Umbra

Wasted moments
Set in stone and blood
Hold your promise

Horváth Tamás & Raul - Do You Love Me?

One more debate has been very would hurt!
Do you love me? Do for it!
Still set in stone what your heart asked ... BUT
It's not enough just say so.

Morning Parade - Carousel

The conversation slows
Red lights
And plans not set in stone
Well I'm up all night

Blessthefall - Bottomfeeder

From now until the end

It's set in stone now there's no turning back
We'll stand our ground, we are unbroken

Blackmore's Night - Written In The Stars

Once written in the stars
A pathway set in stone
A candle in the night

Thrice - Where Idols Once Stood

I've lived this way too long to turn back now

Presuppositions set in stone
This coffin sealed by my own pride

Malukah - Reignite

Death will take those who fight alone
But united we can break a fate once set in stone

Live Like Glass - Bad Taste in Karma

And my thought's
They get the best of me
Erasing thing that I have set in stone

Foo Fighters - Saint Cecilia

Days will come and go
No matter what I say
Nothing's set in stone
No matter what I say

YUKI - Sayonara Bystander

Things that seem obvious aren't actually so simple,
And talent isn't something that's born out of nowhere—
The reason why is already set in stone.
Sweat runs from my brow into my eyes, stinging...

Rokia Traoré - Lalla

In our petty human existence
No idea is absolute
No precept is set in stone
Isn’t there something obvious to accept?

Ivan Ustûžanin - A Song for Krisia

will touch us whether close or far.

She’ll be the queen, as set in stone,
deserves a kingdom of her own,

Death Spells - Hate Unconditional

The pain I’ve caused always set in stone.
The pain I’ve cause always made me whole.
The pain I’ve cause always set in stone.
The pain I’ve caused is worth it’s weight in gold.

Garbage - Androgyny

When everything is going wrong
And you can't see the point of going on
Nothing in life is set in stone
There's nothing that can't be turned around

MAALA - Let me know

Tell me what I wanna hear
Body close, you set in stone
Tell me what I wanna hear

dilated peoples - The Reversal

I didn't smoke today cause everybody's on that medical
I'm on a schedule, maybe on a edible
And history is to repeat itself then it ain't set in stone
I never told my mom I would make it big

Anaïs Delva - Screen Romance (A Song from a Musical Animation / Animated Short Film)

Talent and beauty are pure oxygen.
Being famous flows in my veins.
I'm glass* paper or set in stone.
I'm walking this treacherous* stardom.

Moana (OST) - How Far She Goes

I know everybody on this island seems (seem) content on this island
Everything is set in stone
I know that everyone on this island has (have) a role on this island

Alyss - Motherland

Inviting us higher

Her word is set in stone, rolling like the hills
Purpose still unknown, we just got to go


One might say I was doomed from the get-go
But those same people assume, 'cause they'll never know
What it's like to be called to what's not set in stone
I am one with the ebb and flow, that's all I know

NK - You didn't forget after all

And your eyes shine[fn]"Гореть" means "to burn" or "to be alight", but when talking about eyes, it means "to gleam" or "to shine".[/fn] like they did then

You didn't forget after all[fn]"Же" is a particle used for emphasis that doesn't always translate well. Here, it seems that the singer is surprised that the person never forgot since he might have forgotten after a long time (judging from the line "so many years ago"). This meaning isn't set in stone though—feel free to interpret as you wish.[/fn]
You didn't forget


which troubles my restless mind...

Our vanishing reality isn't set in stone -
We can still carve and shave it

Arma Angelus - We Are The Pale Horse

Suffocate in this belief, like nails driven through my feet.
Our throats are set in stone.
Our feet are cast in lead.

Pop Evil - Vendetta

Once more I've been to the thin line
This time all in with an incline
One blood set in stone
Disown all alone try to dethrone

Pop Evil - Epitaph

And leave roses on my grave

Set in stone right now
It's only a matter of time

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - If Love Is The Law

[Verse 2]
Forever set in stone
When all is said and done

Parkway Drive - Hollow

And it has come to pass
A path set in stone now breaks like glass
The failings of yesterday

Stone Sour - Idle Hands

See if you can relish if you close both eyes
Every time I make an issue of it, someone dies
Carried out like a hit man, set in stone
Don't know why I even bother to be left alone

Kobra and the Lotus - Velvet Roses

Free falling, I am the author of it all!

I look back to the places in my past where the scars began to set in stone
I wore them like a compass, that was then

Subliminal - Beloved Land

that we learn to enjoy
generations dreamed of a home we could live in
there's no point to life, nothing is set in stone
the proud in our hearts takes off above

Dobre Brothers - On the Real tho

I stay above, we doing well
I am not alone
It's all set in stone
You can't break me

Damià Olivella - Today

Today, I feel that I'm free,
That nothing is set in stone...

Zeichen der Zeit - Don't Be Afraid!

All this must unfold
For all His prophets have foretold
The days which are now set in stone
We will see our Father's throne

David Busquets - Live Your Life

When your body cannot take anymore.

Live your life, for nothing is set in stone.
Don't let happiness pass you by!

ki theory - Open Wound

You were there back when I said this was a deal breaker
After today I can't say I believe in anything
What I'm saying is we're playing something set in stone
And it's burning hot, but cool to the touch if you lay it on an

S Club 7 - Two in a Million

Would I declare to you your love takes me higher

Just when we both thought our lives were set in stone
They shone a light and brought us together

Down & Dirty - I Will Never Lose My Way

I will never lose my way
This is all set in stone
And there's no fucking way

Disney Fandubs - I'm going to make it there!

I know, everybody on this land
Seems happy, on this land
Everything is already set in stone
There's for everybody, on this land

Aspencat - Night Filled with Hope

(A night filled with hope will be our mirror)
<em>Your fight is the spirit</em>
(Of mothers and children, tomorrow isn't set in stone!)

Fran Healy - Driftwood (Live)

Everything is open
Nothing is set in stone
Rivers turn to oceans

Rusty Cage - The mysterious stranger

Soulless sings when sorrow brings us down.

You could believe nothing’s set in stone,
anything could change the way you see by what is known.

TVXQ - Rising Sun

A kiss on the hand of trials,
My innocence has bloomed in the garden of suffering
There’s nothing set in stone
Because a new day will keep coming

Hani Shaker - The Beautiful Dream

Not even a thousand screams of pain would help
Not even a thousand tears of regret would help
This farewell is set in stone
And what can we do... What can we do?

Buried In Verona - Can't Let It Go

I'm tired of searching for all the right words
To change something that is set in stone
And I've been waiting for all my life to see you

Diamond Black - Sorrow


All those meanings set in stone
You thought couldn't erode


Not so long ago, had my people on the phone
Talk about the past while we're hidden in cologne
Mushy, mushy, mushy, man they got us set in stone

Green Day - All The Time


Promises, promises, it was all set in stone
Cross my heart and I hope to die