Sie kann fliegen (ইংরেজী অনুবাদ)

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She Can Fly

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She was young and good-looking
She wanted to desperately get away from home
She dreamed of a big city
Because the odds would be in her favour
She still had school for another year
Then she was going to be a model or a pop star
That was exactly what she'd considered
And with that, she secretly practiced dancing and singing
She can fly
Further than the present
Higher and higher
But coming down
That's gonna hurt
Then she fell in love for the first time
He was called Jon, was a DJ and said come with me
The pair of them were already totally insane
And pressed all of the buttons at the same time
The first casting call led to a promo-job
He became a resident DJ in a techno club
Their old friends were jealous when they saw them
Because they had to stand in the supermarket queue at home
And soon beckoned the first record contract
The producer said: Okay, when you do what I say
She said: Sorry, I've come here alone with a plan
And she asked around a few of her friends
They took her with them into studios
The guy from the record company said: I can't hear a hit
She realised that everything wasn't as easy
But deep inside, she believed in herself
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Sie kann fliegen

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