sixth sense

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"sixth sense" এর ইডিত্তম্যাটিক অনুবাদ

šiesty zmysel

Meanings of "sixth sense"


a feeling, intuition or premonition not based on one of the five senses: sight, hearing, taste, touch, or smell

Example: My grandmother had an uncanny sense of what was going to happen in the future. It’s almost as though she has a sixth sense.

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Eine Intuition oder Vorahnung, die nicht auf einem der fünf Sinne beruht.

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интуиция; предчувствие; шестое чувство.

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Beş duyu organı haricindeki bir sezi anlamındadır, yani altıncı his.

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গানে "sixth sense"

Carlos Baute - Hanging from your hands

and then to be woken up by your kisses

Your sixth sense dreams of me
I know that soon, we'll be together

Polina Gagarina - Melancholy

The knot is untied and I can't extinguish
The sixth sense of lonely soul
As if a thin sprout through the sand of hurts

SHINee - View

I feel that you’ve become sensitive
A clear color and the sixth sense
Tonight is the night

Winner - Millions

(Four) For me 나를 위해주네
(Five) Five star S라인 몸매
(Six) Sixth sense 반전 매력에


(Four) For me, you do so much for me
(Five) Five star, your s-line body
(Six) Sixth sense, your hidden charms

REOL - NonsensE KiddinG

It's meaningless to just have rip-off songs
Way more lyrical than the Pops around there
Hear with your sixth sense, we are unkind
A swamp we can't slip out of, we quickly become captivated


(Four) For me nareul wihaejune
(Five) Five star S-lain mommae
(Six) Sixth sense banjeon maeryeoge

Triple H - 365 Fresh

On this endless night, even the moon is drunk
Your sleeping sixth sense
Will open its eyes because of me

Radwimps - Walking dictionary

That war with you signals my sixth sense
I had a dull dream.
It's a race against the truth. overtaking comes from the right lane.
I can't be told that.

BTS (Bangtan Boys) - Intro: What am I to You

I want your affirmation
It might sound like a cliche movie line but
I have a sixth sense
Yo I’ll be different

Carlos Baute - Hanging in Your Hands

and be awakened by your kisses.

Your spirit* dreams with me, (*lit. 'sixth sense')
I know that we will soon be united.

Marta Sánchez - Hanging in your hands

and then be awaken by your kisses.

Your sixth sense still dreams of me,
I know that we will be together soon.

Christina Koletsa - Sixth sense

That I'm wasting my time with you

I have a feeling, a sixth sense
And every night I see you in my dream

Sanseveriono - Hands are hurting

To move about in all directions
A species of the sixth sense, that's good
I try harder to do whatever

Reik - Danger

I'm lost in your voice
I can't hear
My sixth sense

Jorge Valenzuela - The Agüitado

I want buddy (chiri le a pasado???)<fnThis expression not quite understand. I don't understand its meaning.</fn> No words, buddy Jorge,
Then: Cheers! Pure sixth sense, man.

Wednesday Campanella - Genghis Khan

So make sure you remember this shop's name: Genghis Khan!

My uncanny sixth sense for the scent of lamb is well-honed
And if you keep talking about eating moderately, soon even eating udon is gonna make me feel like a bad person

Malika Ayane - Come foglie

to those who say that space
and time I have never given
I follow the sixth sense
of the rain, the wind

Brown Eyed Girls - Sixth Sense

I can’t ever be tamed so don’t touch, touch, rush it, rush it
Even while watching from afar my eyes cause you to feel guilty, guilty

Peha - Slow down

Slow down, you're speeding too much
I can only perceive it with my sixth sense
I feel vertigo