Sleep on it

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"Sleep on it" এর ইডিত্তম্যাটিক অনুবাদ

erst noch eine Nacht darüber schlafen
la nuit porte conseil
Aludni rá egyet

Meanings of "Sleep on it"


to wait before making a decision

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Explained by _beyza__beyza_

इसका मतलब है कि अगर आपको कोई समस्या है तो सो जाइए। रात की नीरवता में आप अच्छी तरह हर पहलू को समझ पाएंगे सुबह आपके पास समाधान होगा या समस्या आपको इतनी बड़ी नहीं लगेगी।

Explained by Ramesh MehtaRamesh Mehta on বৃহস্পতি, 26/12/2019 - 15:19
Explained by Ramesh MehtaRamesh Mehta

подумать прежде чем решиться на что-л.; решать проблемы утром на свежую голову; утро вечера мудренее.

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Explained by St. SolSt. Sol

Bir konuda karar vermeden önce bir süre düşünmek

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Explained by _beyza__beyza_

গানে "Sleep on it"

Abeer Nehme - Where are you

Escaping from these days
I find my heart telling me to fly
I set your arm and sleep on it
Do you think we can go back

Zaz - Velvet Lure

Stop becoming such a ninny

I have to sleep on it
our truths tonight aren't tired

Katastrofe - If Everything Goes to Hell

I said you can't leave me here without any luggage
Then someone threw a bag from Louis Vuitton out the window
So dear mother, do you have a couch your son can sleep on?
It was a poker game night the same day as payday

Tina Turner - I Don't Wanna Fight

I don't care who's wrong or right
I don't really want to fight no more (It's time, I'm walking babe)
So let's sleep on it tonight
I don't really want to fight no more (This is time for letting go)

Declan McKenna - The Kids Don't Wanna Come Home

If I'm completely honest
I guess I could start a war
I guess I could sleep on it

Zaz - Smooth Allurement

stop you're becoming naive

I must hit the sack, sleep on it
and our truths this evening don't feel like sleeping

Majida El Roumi - Take Me, My Love

Teach me to forget you everyday.
Talk to me all day; swing me with the news.
Your voice awakens me early and each night I sleep on it.
My love, a new life where my dreams beam,

Tenille Arts - I Hate This

Hopin' you'll call, hopin' I'm awake when it rings.
If we took this break to figure out what we wanted,
Well, I want us back, don't need another night to sleep on it.

Jonas Brothers - Don't Throw it Away

I know it hurts and that's okay
If it’s too much to open up, then give it time
I see it in your eyes so let's sleep on it tonight

Dear Evan Hansen (OST) - To Break in a Glove

[LARRY, spoken]
Oh yeah. You rub that in for about five minutes, tie it all up with rubber bands, put it under your mattress, and sleep on it. And you do that for at least a week, every day, consistent.​

Linnea Henriksson - Breathe

Let's do that tomorrow
But what if he's awake?
Linnea, sleep on it
Fuck, I miss him

Paul Simon - Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover

She said "Why don't we both
Just sleep on it tonight
And I believe that in the morning

Nicki Minaj - Romans Rache

Nach Uebersee, Kirche, Vatican [vermuetlich Zufluchtsorte]
Du bist steckengeblieben, Schaufensterpuppe [Originaltext lautet eher 'standstill']
Moechtest vielleicht ueber mich nochmal nachdenken, ueber Nacht [wenn jemend mehr Zeit zum Nachdenken braucht, ehe er entscheiden kann, so sagt er, "I'll sleep on it"]
Ich bin der Gottverdammter Boss, ueberschreiben [die Nicki 'ueberschreibt' die woerter frueherer Rapper]

Ivan Kurtić - Sleep bitch!

Sleep, I'm not sorry for you
but still you can came in I'll shelter you from the winter

Paraziții - We've done it again!!

I have a million ways to fill these fools with anger
No joke' , all my enemies i want them to die while they sleep
I have only one life and that life i'm not gonna' sleep on it

Tracy Chapman - Bridges

Anybody tell you that

You should take some time, maybe sleep on it tonight
You should take some time, baby, heed the words I say

Elena Gheorghe - My pillow

I give you my pillow, sleep on it
Have fluffy dreams in stormy nights
I give you my pillow, sleep on it
You're just writing poems on my lips

Money Flower (OST) - Flame

You turned your face and you don't care, right
The isle in your heart is endangered
I'll catch the night and sleep on it

Eminem - Normal

Stumble in the side door and hit me in the head with Milo's demo
But like a drunk bum, what do I know?
Let's sleep on it like they did Revival
I told you you're the apple of my eye, so shut your pie hole

Marie-Mai - All the roads

When the points of reference are lost in the fog
When I close my eyes and depression hits
Like it doesn't help to sleep on it one night
I turn to your sun