Small talk

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Meanings of "Small talk"


A conversation that has no particular purpose, no formal function. Speaking for only the desire to talk. It can used as a means to have a conversation with a purpose to someone you may be interested in. The weather, an interest, a casual observation.

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Boş laf etmek, boş konuşmak.

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havadan sudan konuşmak

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গানে "Small talk"

Taeyeon - Fine

Ah ah ah ah it’s not fine

Meaningless jokes, small talk
I look fine in a crowd

Hariharan - The one with smaller hips

Just one time hugging me tightly, you stop my breath, O the apple of my eye
To go out by piercing your back, still there is little bit pending, O my
Small talk like rain, a look like heat from the sun
Can you come till my body is buried under the sand?

6ix9ine - FEFE

When it kick-back, you can't get yo shit back
In fact this that bitch that
"I hate small talk, I don't fuck with chit-chat"
AC just stopped workin'

BoA - Only One

We awkwardly sit across each other,
Making small talk and asking what’s new
The moments when the conversation stop for a moment

Bushido - Life And Death Of Kenneth Glockler

No info on the side, only so you know
That everyone, who hangs around with this bastard is my enemy
There in no small talk, no nice conversation
On which side you stand you have to decide for yourselves

Lucio Battisti - Emotions

Where you can't see a hair's breadth away
To find your own self again
Making a small talk with a fisherman
For hours and hours

Malu Trevejo - En mi mente

Aquí en mi mente estás tú

Eh-eh, I ain't go that time for all the small talk
L, you wasting my time, so get back on line and go

Gyllene Tider - When we two become one

Take the bike down to the city, when the bus has stopped running
Oh it's so hard to say to you, what one really thinks and feels about you
Its mostly a lot of small talk, about mosquito bites that sting, and Gyllene Tider

Faith Marie - Antidote

Finding refuge in my own lies
How are you I'm doing alright
Small talk is a great disguise
Just let me be just let me be

Bushido - Leben und Tod des Kenneth Glöckler

Kleine Info am Rande, nur dass ihr Bescheid wisst
Dass jeder, der mit diesem Bastard abhängt, mein Feind ist
Es gibt keinen Small Talk, es gibt keine Nettigkeiten
Auf welcher Seite ihr steht, müsst ihr selbst entscheiden

LOONA (South Korea) - girl's talk

to watching tv shows
everything’s okay
there’s some small talk
come and join us right now

Katy Perry - Small Talk

Blah-blah-blah-blah (Small talk)
Now there's nothing left but small talk

VideoGameRapBattles - Undertale vs. Earthbound (Ness vs. Sans)

and bury him back underground
How you gonna face this fight?
Flirt? Small Talk? Or Run?
I'm bringing Genocide that you can't even

Emtee - Roll Up

I am not an average stoner
Double cupping, got a bitch to roll up
Fuck small talk, nigga pour up!

ABBA - Lay All Your Love on Me

It was like shooting a sitting duck
A little small talk, a smile and, baby, I was stuck
I still don't know what you've done with me

Lauv - Mean It

[Verse 1: Lauv]
Small talk, no conversation
That look makes me impatient

Brigitte Kaandorp - I Have A Very Tough Life

And then I'll lie in my grave
And then I think: Pff, it's been tough, luckily it's over
And they will say during their small talk: It's true
Oh, the life of that women was incredibly tough

Taylor Swift - Back to December

I haven't seen them in a while
You've been good; busier than ever
We small talk, work in the weather
Your guard is up and I know why

O.T. Genasis - Cut It

Your ice, you need to tuck it, she fuck with me, she lucky
A half a million, all 20s in that Gucci luggage
Let's skip the small talk, it's time to talk numbers
Young nigga playin' with commas, might go get a Lamb for the summer

PENTAGON (PTG) - when i was in love

please be distant, why are you by my side?
even our small talk is in secret
i have to turn around and lie