A Football in a Yorkshire Rose (Leeds United)ইংরেজী
Arsenal we're on your side (Arsenal London)ইংরেজীvideo
Aston Villa That's Who (Aston Villa)ইংরেজীvideo
Ballad of Billy Bremer (Leeds United)ইংরেজীvideo
Blaydon Races (new version) (Newcastle United)ইংরেজীvideo
Blue is the Colour (Chelsea FC)ইংরেজীvideo
Blue Moon (Manchester City)ইংরেজীvideo
Derby County F.C. Super Rams - Anthemইংরেজীvideo
Du The Dudek (FC Liverpool))ইংরেজীvideo
Elland Road Baht'at (Leeds United)ইংরেজী
Fields of Anfield Road (Liverpool FC)ইংরেজীvideoজার্মান
Glory Glory Leeds United (Leeds United))ইংরেজী
Glory glory Man United (Manchester United)ইংরেজীvideo
Glory Glory Tottenham Hotspursইংরেজীvideo
Good Old Arsenal (Arsenal London)ইংরেজী
Gunners Kings of London (Arsenal London)ইংরেজীvideo
Here we go again (Leeds United)ইংরেজী
I love so Liverpoolইংরেজী
I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles (West Ham United)ইংরেজীvideoরাশিয়ান
Leeds United Calypso (Leeds United)ইংরেজীvideo
Lion Hearts (Aston Villaইংরেজীvideo
Marching on Together (Leeds United)ইংরেজীvideo
On the ball, City (Norwich City)ইংরেজী
One-nil to the Arsenal (Arsenal London)ইংরেজীvideo
Ossie's Dream (Tottenham Hotspurs)ইংরেজীvideo
Play all the way (Leeds United)ইংরেজীvideo
Poor Scouser Tommy (Liverpool FC Song)ইংরেজীvideoজার্মান
Red Army (Arsenal London)ইংরেজীvideo
Sixteen Tonsইংরেজী
Stevie G (FC Liverpool)ইংরেজী
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The Liquidator (Chelsea FC)ইংরেজীvideo
The Tale of Johnny Giles (Leeds United)ইংরেজী
The Victory Song (Tottenham Hotspurs)ইংরেজীvideo
There's Only One United (Manchester United)ইংরেজীvideo
Tony, Tony Yeboah (Leeds United)ইংরেজী
United Calypso '98 (Manchester United)ইংরেজীvideo
We are Leeds (Leeds United)ইংরেজী
We are Leeds, we are proud (Leeds United)ইংরেজী
We love you, Arsenal, we do (Arsenal London)ইংরেজীvideo
We shall not be moved (Leeds United)ইংরেজী
We won it 5 times (FC Liverpool)ইংরেজীvideoজার্মান
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Soccer Anthems England transcription requests
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