strictly business

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Meanings of "strictly business"


Something that is only for business purposes, without any pleasure or recreation mixed in. Can refer to a thing or a person.

I'm going to Hawaii, but I won't have time for sightseeing - it's strictly business.
He's difficult to get to know, he's always strictly business and never reveals anything personal.
Our lunch date was strictly business.

Explained by Sarah RoseSarah Rose on বুধ, 02/10/2019 - 00:46
Explained by Sarah RoseSarah Rose

গানে "strictly business"

Mile Kitić - Two Friends

I know all your tricks of the trade
all strictly business
crazy parties until dawn

Panic! at the Disco - Build God, Then We'll Talk

And not to mention, the constable, and his proposition, for that "virgin"
Yes, the one the lawyer met with on "strictly business"
As he said to the Mrs. Well, only hours before

EPMD - Strictly Business

I'm the sheriff, and bitin' is illegal
So when I'm in town, I highly recommend this
You gots to chill, because I'm Strictly Business

Promoe - Lullabies to Myself

What kind of evil possesses some kind of people,
to kill off all kind of people, like we’re not created equal ?
With so many classes and divisions but can you tell me what’s the difference, cause I think it’s strictly business ?
Behind the statistics, the illogic and the logistics,