Tóth Andi - I've Got A Fire


I've Got A Fire

Tell me to stop
Tell me to slow down
Just do your part
Don't lose control now
Don't go overboard
Just do as your told
It's not okay to steal the show
You know
That ain't a life for me that ain't a life life
I gotta do what I believe is right right
And even when I get tired
I gotta try going higher
I got a fire
Deep on the inside of me
A burning desire
I just can sit here quietly
I’ve gotta run, I’ve got o win
I’m gonna fight until the end cuz
I got a fire
I got a fire
Give me what's real
Give me a reason
Someone to love
Something to believe in
I'll never stop
As long as I'm breathing
And I can't wait another day
You know
And even when I get tired
I gotta keep climbing higher
Because I got that fire, that fire
That fire, that fire
That fire, that fire
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