Take a rain check

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"Take a rain check" এর ইডিত্তম্যাটিক অনুবাদ

i'll take a rain check

Meanings of "Take a rain check"


Postpone a plan

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গানে "Take a rain check"

Kamisama, boku wa kidzuite shimatta - Try to hollow out my life

Let me see a stolen love
I don't care what becomes of me
I'll take a rain check on making a compromise

K’naan - Hurt Me Tomorrow

Tomorrow [repeat]

If you can take a rain check on a stormy night
Then I will love you till you old, like you're Betty white

Illogic - 1,000 Whispers

Or will these blisters become targets of the scorpion king's sting?
Because the poison invades the veins to the stages of Hume
I'll take a rain check in the same breath of a checkmate - in three moves
I know everything is everything and nothing's still something else