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Topics of Interest: Anime and manga, computer programming and technology, cooking, history, religion, literature, music theory, psychology, meditative practices

Hobbies: drawing, learning Latin and Vietnamese, learning to play the ocarina

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I'm here to practice and strengthen my Vietnamese through translating songs, as well as expand my musical tastes.

I've also started taking up Latin because I do want to pick up a romance language, but I don't want the burden of maintaining such a language through speaking with other speakers. I'm also very interested in the available literature in Latin: both classical roman texts and Medieval Christian works.

Music-wise, I prefer songs with more dramatic flair or energetic pacing, with little to no explicit language. Some of my favorite American artists are Imagine Dragon, Bastille, Panic At the Disco, Demi Lovato, and Taylor Swift. Right now my favorite Vietnamese artists are Issac and Sơn Tùng. I also like certain French artists such as Idilla and Kenji Girac.

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Isaac (365 Daband)I Will Return Soonvideo ভিয়েতনামী → ইংরেজী
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