Un giudice (ইংরেজী অনুবাদ)

ইংরেজী অনুবাদইংরেজী

A judge

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A judge
What does it mean to be
five feet height,
will be revealed to you by the eyes
and the jokes of the people,
or by the curiosity
of an irreverent girl
who approaches you only
because of her impudent doubt:
she wants to discover if it's true
what people say about the dwarfes,
which seem to be the most equipped
with the less apparent virtue,
among all the virtues
the most indecent.
Years pass, months pass,
and if you count them even minutes,
it is sad to be adults
without having grown;
malicious gossips insist,
the tongue beats on the drum
to the point of saying that a dwarf
is a bitch for sure
because he has the heart too much,
too much close to the asshole.
It was in sleepless nights
kept awake by the light of resentment
that I prepared the exams,
I became Attorney,
to access the road
that from the benches of a cathedral
bring you to the sacristy
then to the chair of a court:
Judge at last
arbitrator on Earth of good and evil.
And then my stature
did not dispense anymore high spirits
to whom standing at the bar
said to me “Your Honor”,
and to entrust them to the executioner
it was a pleasure of my own,
before kneeling down
in the hour of farewell
not knowing at all
the stature of God.
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Un giudice