Un giudice (ইংরেজী অনুবাদ)

ইংরেজী অনুবাদইংরেজী

A Judge

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What it means to be
one meter and a half tall
is revealed by people's stares and jokes,
or by the curiosity of an irreverent girl
who only approaches you
due to a saucy doubt of hers:
she wants to find out whether
the saying on midgets is true,
that they are the best endowed
with the virtue last seen,
among all virtues, the most obscene.
Years and months pass by,
even minutes when you count them;
it's sad to find yourself a grown-up
without having grown up.
Malignant gossip insists, and
beats its tongue on the drum,
going as far as saying a midget
must be a swine for sure,
because he's got his heart far,
far too close to his asshole.
It was during sleepless nights,
awake with resentment's glow,
that I prepared for my exams
and became an attorney,
to proceed along the road
that starting from a cathedral's pews
leads towards first the sacristy,
then the bench of a courthouse:
finally a judge,
decider of good and bad here on Earth!
And by then, my height would
no longer set into a good mood
those who standing at the bar
were calling me "Your Honor";
and sending them to the gallows
was a pleasure wholly my own,
before kneeling down
upon bidding farewell,
for I did not know
God's height.
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Un giudice