well fed

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"well fed" এর ইডিত্তম্যাটিক অনুবাদ

amply/heroically proportioned/figured
broad in the beam
built for comfort not speed
full figured/bodied
healthfully big
queen sized
είμαι κοντός, δεν είμαι χοντρός

Meanings of "well fed"


Obese, and sometimes morbidly obese. Very fat.

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сытый, откормленный

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গানে "well fed"

Ashnikko - Special

Teardrops on your Fender guitar
Left your dumb ass on read (ah)
I'm too healthy, wealthy, well fed (I don't need you)
I see better dick up ahead

Mgła - Exercises in Futility I

And the front line expands like there's no tomorrow

The grotesque eagles of misfortune, well fed on thanatos, sit still
It's the dignity of scavengers at the ever growing garbage dump of life

Notch - Nuttin' No Go So

Yuh no stay like some gal whe run dem own red
Yuh naffi fo no taebo nor join Jenny Craig
Di pickney at yuh yard yuh keep dem well fed
Yuh neva go ova Dorothy and beg piece a bread

Hello Sleepwalkers - Myths Break Down

Wait a minute. Bring it on back. Objection sans reason’s just baseless treason.
Look for your own happiness and you’re made a heathen. Who exactly established this hierarchy?
Wait a minute. Bring it on back. We’re all just well-fed ducks waiting for our spoon.

Valravn - Raven

He lays finished on the plain
A well-fed sheep in a garden close by
Once he was faster

Pablo Alborán - I would

in silent kisses

But we have been well fed
of dreams and projects to be made,

Sløtface - Nancy Drew

Taking your boys club down in one fell swoop
Taking your well-fed boys club down in one fell swoop

Criolo - There's Still Time

Do you want to know? Then I'll tell you
Why healthy people get sick
Well-fed or not, why they perish
It is all kept away in the mind

El Canto del Loco - Trainers

come on, look at me and tell me, dude, I don't see my place and I can't park

I'm well fed up of being told "If you're not on the list, you can't go in"
only four people get in, we have this super-duper-cool zone and you'll never get to see it

Annie Ebrel - The Witch

I have a little chest of silver at the house of my father
Whoever opens it will have a broken heart
Inside there are birds that are well fed
And not with the flesh of rabbits, nor the flesh of hares

Cuca - Pizza Face

(You're a dear)

Now I'm going to see her and I'm going well-fed.
What happened that one day isn't going to happen

Ralf Bendix - Babysitter Boogie

And even if none of the babies belong to me
I love the Girl that goes for a walk every day with them
Cause both are chubby round and well-fed
And singing...

Ralf Bendix - Babysitter Boogie Woogie

And though no baby here belongs to me,
I love that girl that walks with them daily,
Since both are chubby and well fed,
And they sing:

Vetusta Morla - I'm telling you

Accomplice to empty the fridge
With the lights on, letting others do the job
Well fed, exhausting
I'm telling you

Aria - Farewell, Norfolk!

The dead cannot be warmed by the glory, nevermind who warmed
The blood of the severe Britts in the veins is beating, like an electrical current
Death will be well-fed today,
May God guard you!

The Cardigans - And Then You Kissed Me

Love, you’re news to me
You’re a little bit more then I thought you’d be
A mow in my well fed lawn
You’re a nightmare beating the dawn

Pink Martini - Dosvyedanya Mio Bambino

In a warm Italian town
So I took the train to see you there
Your wife is sweet and you're well-fed
Your daughter tucked away in bed

Foster the People - Pay the man

Guess I’m going deaf from what the crowd is sayin'
Ah please forgive me I don’t understand
We all believe we’ve been well fed, yeah

Wu-Tang Clan - A Better Tomorrow (2014)

Allah said to save the babies from the cold
Pour wisdom in the cup so the truth overflows
Still, knowledge is that bread that keeps us well-fed
Old time religion will not bring us satisfaction

DDT - Freedom

Winter on my back, I'm not old or young,
Night is like the lift in which the poet died,
I'm well fed, but I woke from hunger,
My fingers feel for my pulse, I yawn at the light.