Willy William - Ego (US Version)


Ego (US Version)

Mirror, hanging still in the wall
Say: who is the fairest of all?
I need you to feed my ego
Allez allez allez
Let me into your disillusion
Taste your sweetest illusions
No one can ever tell me no
Allez allez allez
I'll look for you almost anywhere
Blinded eyes yet I don't care
So deep inside my dream
Allez allez allez
Where every little thing is perfect
Every little penny is worth it
As long as
I'm on the trone
Allez allez allez
Allez allez allez (x2)
Mirror, what have you done with my head?
How did you creep in my blood?
You know I never asked for this
Allez allez allez
The buzz was all a fantasy
Now the photo ain't catching me
There's nobody left to love
Allez allez allez
I'll do anything to start again
Clear my mind of all the things
Better without you, you know
Allez allez allez
Everything is sweet and beautiful
Until I hear my ego out the door
Why won't you ever let me go
Allez allez allez
Allez allez allez (x2)
Ego, ego (x10)
Allez allez allez (x10)
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