Amina Alaoui - Ya Racha Fattan (يا رشا الفتان) (ইংরেজী অনুবাদ)


Ya Racha Fattan (يا رشا الفتان)

يا رشا الفتان
يا قضيب البان
ارحم الولهان
لانه مبلى
همت بالاشواق
يا كحيل الاحداق
فتنة العشاق
تمنع الوصل
ورد الخدود قد لاح
كوكب وضاح
بلابل الأفراح
آية تُتلى
أوف لي وعدي
يا هلال سعدي
لا تخن عهدي
باسمه الأعلى
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ইংরেজী অনুবাদ

Beautiful Young Gazelle

Oh beautiful young gazelle1
Oh, drumstick tree branch 2
Have mercy upon the one in love
Because he is afflicted
I've fallen in love passionately
Oh you whose eyes have been darkened with kohl3
The lovers' schemes
prevents them from being together
The roses on the cheeks have loomed
like a luminous planet
The nightingales of happiness
are a masterpiece to be cited
Fulfill my promise
Oh full moon of my joy
Do not betray your pledge to me
in His highest name4
  • 1. Gazelles are a symbol of beauty/elegance in Arabic.
  • 2. The connotation is that the person described is very slender/delicate.
  • 3.
  • 4. I interpret this to mean: Do not use God as an excuse for not fulfilling your promises of love to me.
Let me know if you have any questions about my translation. Good luck.
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