Zeugnistag (ইংরেজী অনুবাদ)

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School report day

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I think I must have bin about twelve years old
And once again it was school report day
Only that this time I thought the school building would break in with its roof
When my report lay before me white and ugly
Although I certainly didn't expect a lot
As I was a lazy bud and what's more
Quite strange, I'd never had believed
In being such a complete loser
Well, now it's happend, no it's all over
Not even a D in Religious Education
Oh no, with this report you'd better not get home
But rather to the foreigners' legion
I didn't show it to my parents and signed it for them
Quite colourful it looked pretty good, without overestimating
I might have been a flaw in German and Biology
However, I was pretty good a drawing
Of course, the miracle was already detected the next day
The copy was probably not that clever in the end
The headmaster came and angrily took me out of my class
There I stood, alone, dumb and broken
So let my parents come and leaned back
Hypocritically he already enjoyed
The clip for the copier, the mislead guy
This document forger, their son
My father took the report in his hands and looked at me
And calmly said: "Talking about my person
There's no trace of a doubt
That this is really my signature"
Also my mum said, yes, that was her writing her name
Pretty badly, but on had to consider
That before she had just carried two big shopping bags
Then she said: "Come on, boy, let's go"
I've still passed quite a few years on school benches
And continued to learn without resistance
Names, tables, theories hence and forth
Good is, I didn't get completely stupid
Only one unit came to the top in all those years
Just this single one from the masses of load:
How good it is to know that someone will protect you
No matter what you've done
I don't know if it was just that my parents
Got me out of there, what about morals?
Clever people are arguing, smart alecks are fighting
I don't know and I don't mind either
All I know is that I wish that every child in the world
And of course, that also you, my child
In burning, wrong-going situations when the world falls apart
That you had parents made of this materia
That they had parents cut out of this materia
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