A él (Englisch Übersetzung)

  • Künstler/in: Oscar D’León (Oscar Emilio León Somoza)
  • Lied: A él
  • Übersetzungen: Englisch
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For him

Sooo. This is for you, dad, and for all the dads in the world hahahaha
Now I want to sing
To my dad who is getting on in years
Long years of advice
That he knew well how to give me
His hands covered with callouses
Showing how much work he did
I feel like I do little
With this humble tribute
Dad, you have given so much
I need to give you thanks
Give honor to your name
I want to see you happy
A man who fought so hard
To give me an education
And I feel deep down in my heart
That I need to give you thanks
Your hair is painted with
The snow of experience
In your face I can see
Happiness and satisfaction
From having overcome poverty
Now I feel myself very blessed
To see my mother at your side
For a man who works (that's clear)
So many years from sunrise to sunset (that's true)
He doesn't let a day go by
Without giving a tribute to its value (that's for sure)
And for those who don't get it
What we want to say is
365 days to make him happy, for him
For him, hahaha
For him,
For dad, dad, give me a blessing (for him)
If you hear any weeping, it's from my heart (for him)
That weeps with happiness
That weeps with happiness, dad
Hey dad, I'm singing to you, crying
For him, for dad, for your dad
For him, for dad, for your dad
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A él

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