Время колокольчиков (Englisch Übersetzung)

  • Künstler/in: Alexander Bashlachev (Александр Башлачёв)
  • Lied: Время колокольчиков
Englisch ÜbersetzungEnglisch

The Time of Little Bells

For long time we walked through heat and frosts,
Endured it all and remained free,
Ate snow with birch-tree porridge
And grew even with the bell-towers.
In wail – we spared no salt.
In feast – sugary gingerbread.
Bell-ringers with their black calluses
Tore at the nerve of the copper loudspeaker.
But times change with each day.
The domes lost their gold.
Bell-ringers wander about the world.
The bells are battered and cracked.
Why do we beat around the bush now,
On our own field like an underground?
If a Bell wasn't casted for us,
Than it's a time of little bells here.
You, heart, chime under the shirt.
Crows are scattering away hastily.
Hey! Bring out the troika
And let's set off to the four ends of earth.
But the horses weren't shod for years,
Wheels weren't oiled.
There's no whip. Saddles are torn.
All the knots are long since undone.
In the rain all the roads are rainbow-like!
A tragedy looms. Is this a good time to laugh?
But if there's a bell under the shaft bow,
Then that's it. Load and let's go!
We'll roar, whistle, warble,
It'll reach to the bones, to the fingertips.
Hey, brothers! Can you feel in your gut
The dreadful laughter of Russian little bells?
For ages we chewed prayers and swears.
For ages lived in the darkness.
Slept and drank liters around the clock.
And we no longer sing. We lost the habit.
We waited a long time. Walked unclean,
And hence looked alike.
But under the rain we turned out to be diverse.
Most of us honest, good.
So what if our father the Tsar Bell is broken,
We came with black guitars.
Because Big Beat, Blues and Rock & Roll
Enchanted us from the first strokes.
In our chests are sparks of electricity.
Hats to the snow – go for it as loud as possible.
Rock&Roll1 is a good paganism.
I love the time of little bells.
  • 1. Another version is "mayhem".
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Время колокольчиков

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