友達へ (Tomodachi e) (Englisch Übersetzung)

  • Künstler/in: BBHF (Bird Bear Hare and Fish)
  • Lied: 友達へ (Tomodachi e)
  • Übersetzungen: Englisch
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友達へ (Tomodachi e)

午前2時半 電話を掛けた
興味ない話題も 僕らは魔法で 心に刻む会話に変えた 特別すぎた
少しの変化なら 上手くかわせたけど
上に登ってくほど 君は変わっていった
気にしないよ なぜならフレンズ 僕だけが知ってるんだ
車を走らせ 失敗を重ねて 楽しかった
夜通し騒いで若さを燃やして 虚ろな理由に熱い乾杯をして
午後2時半 代償のハングオーバー
“そういえば 言ってないね この前婚約したよ 美しい素晴らしい人と”
街中まわって あの丘に 寝転がって 楽しかった
夜通し語って Tシャツを脱ぎ捨て 限りある自由に熱い乾杯をして
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To My Friend

At 2:30 AM I called you
I was happy chatting silly stuff with you
Even uninteresting topics, like magic, we could transform them; it was a special skill
The slightest change and we were at each other's back, but
As you went higher, you started to change
But I don't mind it, because we're friends; I'm the only one who knows
The color of your bones [Your true colors]
When was it, I wonder, I burnt my chance of flying
I speed over with the car, the weight of my failures pulling me down, it was fun
Burning our youth in the racket of the night city, passionately drinking over empty excuses
It was fun
At 2 PM came the hangover bill
In the midst of happy news and trivial chatting you said
"By the way, I haven't told you yet, right? I got engaged. My partner is a beautiful and splendid person"
The color of your bones
When was it, I wonder, the days I could smile without fail
Going around the city and, at that spot, lying down, it was fun
Talking about that night, I took off my shirt, passionately drinking over a reason to end things
It was fun
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