悲しい酒 (kanashī sake) (Englisch Übersetzung)

  • Künstler/in: Hibari Misora (美空ひばり (Misora Hibari))
  • Auch performt von: Akina Nakamori
  • Lied: 悲しい酒 (kanashī sake) 6 Übersetzungen
  • Übersetzungen: Englisch #1, #2, #3, Französisch, Spanisch, Transliteration

悲しい酒 (kanashī sake)

ひとり酒場で 飲む酒は
別れ涙の 味がする
飲んで棄てたい 面影が
飲めばグラスに また浮かぶ
「ああ 別れた あとの心残りよ
未練なのね あの人の面影
酒よどうして どうして
酒よこころが あるならば
胸の悩みを 消してくれ
酔えば悲しく なる酒を
飲んで泣くのも 恋のため
一人ぼっちが 好きだよと
言った心の 裏で泣く
好きで添えない 人の世を
泣いて怨んで 夜が更ける
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One of the saddest song in Japanese music, originally performed by Jun Kitamizawa (北見沢淳) in 1960.

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Mournful Sake

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The sake that I drink alone in a bar
Tastes like the tears of the breakup
The face that I want to forget by drinking
Will appear again on the surface of sake in the glass
Ah, what shall I do with the regret after the separation?
With my love for the man that won't subside?
I drink to forget him, to forget the loneliness
But sake makes me sad tonight again
Oh sake, tell me
How can I give him up?
How can I give him up?
Hey sake, if you have a heart
Please quench the agony in my heart
I know sake makes me sad when I get drunk
Yet I drink sake and weep because of my painful love.
I say that I like being alone
But within my heart I'm in tears
I weep deep into the night, cursing this cruel world
Where I can't marry the man I love.
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