• KünstlerIn: 2PM (투피엠)
  • Album: HANDS UP


I know our hearts are the same but
We always miss each other
Even looking at each other without words
Now I’ve gotten tired
Every day, every night, only you could fill me up
It’s alright, it’s alright, now please answer my heart
Baby give it to me, give me excitement, I’ll be together with you
Come to me, don’t think about anything else at this moment
I, I, If I only have you it’ll do
I, I, I wanna feel your love
I know what we’ve said to each other but
Now I hate my confidence that had no courage
Lets move a little closer
Every day every night always be by my side
It’s alright it’s alright If you just embrace me I can be happy
Even if your blood type is A like mine, even if your eyes disappear when you laugh like mine,
Even if your birthday is Aquarius like mine, beyond that we really have a lot of similarities
If you say you can’t love me I won’t look at you, if you say you’re like me just come to me
Give me a feeling I’ve never felt before, generously give me the love you wanted
Be by my side when you wake up in the morning, give me a kiss above my almost half open eyes
Even if you don’t call or text I’ll just understand, I won’t wait forever
Just appear in my dreams every night, gently unravel me with your melting smile
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