Die Prinzen - Alles mit'm Mund (Englisch Übersetzung)

Englisch Übersetzung

Alles Mit'm Mund

she has hands with fingers on them
with which she can finger well
small sweet feet
with toes for going
has a bottom with 2 cheeks
so that she can sit very well
to the right & left of her neck, she can prick up her ears
she can also purse her lips, sometimes square, sometimes round
because she most likes doing everything, as do we, with her mouth
& everything with her mouth
Und alles mit'm Mund.
she's really very skilled
I've already seen
how she mends her socks
she does it mostly standing
because it's bad in sitting
just exactly as in going
or have they in sitting
already seen someone standing
I already – well
but that's not now to the point
because if I now tell you
what I do things for
I do most things for only one reason
because I most like doing everything, as does she, with my mouth
Und alles mit dem Mund.
what I'm telling you here
has nothing to do with it
whether you're fat or thin
whether you're a rooster or a hen
it's about the big whole lot
sometimes from – sometimes round
sometimes under - sometimes over
sometimes black & white & sometimes colour
then I was at
a so-called demonstration
& there I noticed: everyone likes doing it most – with their mouths
Und alles mit dem Mund.
Und alles mit dem Mund.
Und alles mit dem Mund.
Und alles mit dem Mund
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Alles mit'm Mund