Halid Bešlić - Vraćam Se Majci u Bosnu (Beograđanka) (Englisch Übersetzung)

Englisch Übersetzung


if i had met you a little earlier
my heart would have known for no one else
if i hadn't had another love
my tears wouldn't have flowed down the river
only for you
little Belgrade girl
only for you
who never know it
Samo za tebe
and for your absorbing love
i am going back to my mother in Bosnia
Is it Danube or Sava
tell no one, little girl
Hide at least some tears in your heart
because all will flow down into the river Danube
are you sad in these days
are you soppy when dawn breaks
do your thoughts still "call you back to me" (do your still think about me)
or have you found a new river too
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Vraćam Se Majci u Bosnu (Beograđanka)

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