Bis zum Schluss (Englisch Übersetzung)

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Bis zum Schluss

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Maybe we’ve overrated us
Hoped that love would grow out of differences
But I am not sure if this is enough
How much time’s left for us
What’s bound to happen will happen
But if need be I’ll fight till the end
We’ve overrated us
We’ve hoped that love would grow out of differences
We feared that what’s bound to happen will happen
But still both of us fight till the end
Nobody wants to beart he consequences and that’s a dilemma
With every conversation our period of grace gets only longer
And again and again (we would) assure that a lot will change now
Again and again new attempts which would end like it was before
Because with time the roles have been issued
We wanted to ignore prototypes but they explode with every small thing
And that’s so tiresome
We’ve tried to find a common ground but only found out that we are lying to ourselves
Maybe we’ve known this right from the start
We are too different so that for now we have to fight very every peace
How paradox is this?
While love should be my resort where I let weapons drop
We’ve talked about it so much already, often in vain
Tried to change the past to smooth the way for us
On which we could grow and live together
All the time joined instead of next to each other
But each of us breaks apart when confronted with the other person
Both of us have the feeling that we’re not ourselves in this partnership
And when it hurts why do we force ourselves to it
And when we can’t find happiness in here, what are we searching for then?
And makes me sick that I, allegedly, am the one to blame
And at the same time I am the one who carries all the burden
Allegedly I am the one who destroys everything here
But at the same time to one who always comes to you and atones everything
I ask myself all the time what I could change and then I change
Even things I like, just to please you
I don’t know how to go on, how I should change myself
I don’t know anymore how to be honest to myself and love you at the same time
And of course I see the beauty and that’s what dominates at the moment
God knows I love you and hold on no matter how hard the critics are
But even I have limited powers, it slips from my fingers
Try to control my emotions and suppress them
I want to give changes, again and again, we deserve it
It would be a catastrophe to end it in an argument or affect
I don’t want to fight anymore, I can’t stand any longer
I can’t do something for us anymore, the two us will sink
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Bis zum Schluss