Cammina nel sole (Englisch Übersetzung)

Englisch Übersetzung

Walk in the sun

Today everything works like this
We're in a slot machine
Where you always have to win
Then make peace with the gods
But you succed with yours
Talk to me a little so i can understand you
And I'm talking to you as a friend
Because I know you know what I'm talking about
We're on the same page (we think alike)
And even if I don't know you
I know you're a good man
And I hope, wherever you go,
You'll walk in the sun
E bruci le suole anche se
Non c'e' direzione
Ma profumo di viole c'e'
Tu cammina nel sole
Cammina nel sole
sotto le costellazioni
Siamo anime a milioni
Che a pensarci c'e' da perdersi
Tutti con la propria storia
Un graffio dentro alla memoria
Tutti sulla stessa strada
Ogni tanto c'e' una sosta
A las vegas o un giro in giostra
Ma poi vada come vada
Cammina nel sole
walking away with me
and burn the ground till
till on the street
There'll be a smell of violets
Walk in the sun
Till it will warm you up
till you'll be able to
Till you'll have the feeling of being free
Because there's no age
E se non ce la fai piu'
Guarda in su'
E cammina nel sole
walking away with me
And burn the ground till
Till God wishes
And there's a smell of violets
Walk in the sun
Walk in the sun
Run in the sun.
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Cammina nel sole

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