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summer love

Remember summerlove
submitted by ohohoz
In a while...
maybe you remember,
when we met... on the beach
when you showed met the way
from that day,
we'd always be together
in our hearts... in our minds
nothing could throw it away
Quiero ver, (i wanna see)
la sonrisa de tu boca
el sabor
de tu piel
con su perfume de miel (with ur honey´s perfume)
Quiero ver,
el brillo de tus ojos
el calor,
de la luz
con la que me miras tú
Show me the things that we felt in the time we were dreaming,
show me now... feel it now
Quiero oir, (i wanna hear)
los versos de tus labios (the verses of ur lips)
y sentir, junto a ti
la melodia de tu voz
In the past, we used to be together
every day, of our lifes
now its fading away
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Ragnarok    Sa, 10/12/2016 - 00:04

There are some mistakes to correct in these lyrics:
- "Remember summerlove
submitted by ohohoz" has to be erased (it's not a part of the lyrics)
- "when you showed met the way" -> when you showed me the way
- "we'd always be together" -> we'll always be together (future tense, not conditional)
- "chorus" has to be erased between the two "quiero ver" verses, before the "quiero oír" verse too
- the last verse has to be erased (it's not present in David Tavaré's version).