Aventura - El Aborto (Englisch Übersetzung)

Englisch Übersetzung

The abortion

This what you have commited, God doesn’t excuse
You have taken the life of a child, without a reason
Maybe he could have been a footballer, a carouser, something more
And you won’t find it out, because you have taken his life
How could you, you have killed our child
Only because of love affairs, problems between you and me
What guilt did he have for our bad relationship
You say, that in poverty, you don’t bring a child, to suffer pain
That you feel sorry and you don’t want to be the mother of a mistake
This is why i put the blame on you, you always look for excuses, you don’t have a heart
Ohh God
This what you have commited, God doesn’t forgive
This what you have commited, is a sin before God
Your little ignorance, makes me cry
You promised me a child, then later to abort
Maybe she could have been a model, something important, like the others
But you won't find it out, woman, you don't have any feelings
You have killed my love and a baby that you carried inside
God has to punish women like you
Don’t know to value a child
And you have killed our child
We never understand each other, this is the reason why this love has failed
From the good moments, i remember today a child, that died, at the end
I remain upset, because you gave me hope and i didn’t have the chance to be a father
Oh God...
Von Layla am Do, 10/01/2008 - 22:00 eingetragen
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