Nathalie Cardone - Et Si Je Pars (Englisch Übersetzung)

Englisch Übersetzung

& If I leave

& If I leave
Would you wish me the best ?
Tell me that " yes "
& That I can go elsewhere
& If I'm afraid
Can I rely on you ?
For all the hours
When I was only yours !
I will be strong , even half dead
I push the door open once again
Even if the Devil takes me away
& If I'm hurt
Tell me you will always be there
In the name of our love
In my life without you from now on
& If I cry
From far , you will console me
If my heart is too heavy
& That it no longer beats but for you !
I will be strong , I won't cry
But tell me you will always be proud
& That I will find the light back
& If love
Comes to pass by my way
Tell me you want
My happiness to be yours
& If love
Comes to pass by my destiny
Tell me that one day ..
One day ! One day ! I will make again .. love .
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Et Si Je Pars

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