Abdul Majeed Abdullah - Gella (قله) (Englisch Übersetzung)

Englisch Übersetzung

Tell Him

Tell him that what I got from him will last (or is enough) for a lifetime
How could he stab with the knife of betrayal
Tell him that if I had any importance for him
If we meet in front of people he'd say hi
Let it not show that we both are hurt
Let him not make us a story
Enough what he's done enough
Tell him, God made it Halal
I didn't know but its wounds (not very clear)
He humiliated my heart
And he made me a criminal and the crime is his love
Tell him, may God make him successful
And I'm gone with my good and bad
He has his own way and I have mine
Let him not get me stuck in his way
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Gella (قله)

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I re-formatted it to match the original lyrics.