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Heul doch (Englisch Übersetzung)

Englisch ÜbersetzungEnglisch

Go cry

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i write this song for you
and sing it in your face
you really earn that
i trusted you
believed in your lies
yes love makes deaf and blind
then i've understood it
have finally razored you
say it, have you missed something there?
because now you sit there for me
say, what do you want still here?
you are eyes are really wet
come on..
go cry, go cry
when you are ready with that
then please just go!
go cry, go cry
when that's not enough
fell on your knee and beg!
go cry go cry
when you are ready with that
then please go
go cry, go cry
what what what, what you still want?
the game is over
i don't even count to three
then i don't want to see you anymore
or keep staying in front of me
and start to sweat
when i break your neck
i don't miss you anymore
no you are not worth that
i am so fine without you
please go finally
because it's useless
you won't *** with me a second time!
my heart burns as fire
my stomach is overcooking
you already from all ago
i am already long over you
go away to another
then she is on turn!
i will forget you - only when?
oooh - please pleas go!
pleas go away/stop it, what do you still want?
oooh - please, please, go!
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Von EsbesEsbes am 2008-10-09 eingetragen

Heul doch

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