Xheki - Mos e Prano (Englisch Übersetzung)


Mos e Prano

ti e di sa t'kam dasht
ne kete jete, hasret kam pas
ti ke qesh, e je gezu
n'krahet e mi kur ke jetu
ama erdi fundi
erdi fundi
e u pershendetem
kur u ndam
vec dhimbjet
na mbeten
mos e prano
mos e prano kur
qe ka don (?)
midis ne dikur
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Englisch Übersetzung

Don't admit it

you know how much i have loved you
in this life, i have felt longing
you have laughed, felt joy
when you had lived in my arms
but the end has come
end has come
and we said our goodbyes
when we separated
only our wounds
were left with us
don't admit it
don't ever admit it
what you had wanted
between us at some time
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