Ñejo - No quiere novio [feat. Tego] (Englisch Übersetzung)

Englisch Übersetzung

No Quiere Novio

She wants no boyfriend she just wanna have fun
She wants nobody around her telling her a thing
No retard that comes to her talking bullshit
She doesn't have to explain nobody where she's heading
She wants no boyfriend she just wanna have fun
Hey If you want we become "jevo" (boyfriend and girlfriend)
And I go to meet your dad
"Good night, nice to meet you, I'm Tego"
aren't you already putting the rope around your neck
if your woman catches you you're gonna run (away) cute and beautiful
don't be so negative ñejo that I've got new trainers, don't hate the black man hate the game
I made me the bangs in the phrase, catched on fire, if she steals from me, **** her I deny it to her, I am for my thing, invite me to your house, so I can become primitive and arrive with no underwear, ahh I like it how you with no husband, that I see in your face how you've ran, in the ocean I'm sure there's 2 thousand for your head, wearing armor in case you're under heavy hand, I believe in abortion I better give you money for the baby !!!bahh! to kill one of the mine if I drink with everybody!!!
She went to the beauty shop she got manicure, hairdress and the "cutty", she bought parfum there that smells like tutty frutty, pants really slutty, she makes this booms when she shakes that booty,
I don't know why would it be, I don't know why will that be, but if she cooks the way she walks she's giving me too big offer, give it Ma... don't be so cocky look god multiplies everything you give, I know you are independent nothing is of your interest... what the three "carajos" do you care that I sing rap, that I'm a bully and a drug dealer, or that I sell crack or that I'm a little richie from high society...
mummy they say I'm nuts I say nuts is that I spend 100 and for a little I was about to touch you, but that I don't touch you...
Whatever he says whatever he says he owns me even the name, but that's nothing, asks for blessings to the guy who taught you how to do "dembow"
"Nelflow" the same, the one you dreamt about becoming in your sleep at your service the one who gave you as a present even the name of your company, keep dancing, alone... so I can crash you
he's received like 40 prizes for a rhythm that I invented..,, yes yes yes, that the guy older than me, the one who made you sell the 500 thousand copies, watch out the ship might sink... slowly!! Flow music
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No quiere novio [feat. Tego]

Gast    Di, 07/04/2009 - 09:42

This is probably the worst translation that could possibly exist about this song. Not to mention the original Spanish version is not the one written here, either.