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Rainbow Colored Eyes

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It's been three days since you've gone
you haven't even let me know
maybe you've already gotten over me
and maybe you didn't even love me
maybe I have loved you
maybe I love you still
and maybe toward you
I have been bad
I don't have excuses
and I know it's the end
but still girl
now, know this
In my life
you have left a trace
and if now
I am not dear/important to you anymore
if you need something
I will always be there
and now that you wish
I will disappear/go away
Ref. 2x
rainbow colored eyes, I need them now
to ___ the heart full of sorrow
These long nights look at another girl
rainbow colored eyes will not let me be
you, I have truly loved
like no other
and only to you I dared
always tell everything
to bring you pain
that I never wanted
I never wanted
and never dared
that's why it's better that I leave/go
just like that
trust me, not ever for me
is all this easy
but I'm going away from you
because I don't know what else
I only know
That I will love you for a very long time
you have never loved
you have only told me lies
you didn't understand and suffer
because you have left without a trace
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Oči boje duge

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MayGoLoco    Fr, 15/04/2011 - 00:03

obuzdati J (pf.) obuzdavati A (imp.) to restrain, bridle, subdue

Oci boje duge sad mi trebaju = I now need those rainbow coloured eyes
srce puno tuge da obuzdaju = To restrain my heart filled with sorrow
ove noci duge drugu gledaju = Tonight they (rainbow eyes) are looking at another woman
oci boje duge mira nedaju = The rainbow coloured eyes won't let me be