Felipecha - Quelque Part (Englisch Übersetzung)

Englisch Übersetzung


Her face is in tears
Her smile is gone
I look-down , too bad
& What if she was my sister ?
Meanwhile I think of it
& I return the favor
The one that broke my heart
It's because I'm unlucky
{ Chorus }
Somewhere or here
In some way she's my sister
Somewhere it's here & here is elsewhere
Everybody has his own karma
We would have too many fish to fry
So we do like this
So we do like that
So we do like that
As if I didn't see anything
As if everything was beautiful
One shouldn't wiggle
When walking down the streets
They could see the defects
{ Chorus }
We return the favor
& I no longer ever think of it
Actually I haven't seen anything
Shouldn't have wiggled
Stay deaf in the streets
Stay in ignorance
{ Chorus }
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Quelque Part

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