Red - Best is yet to come

  • Künstler/in: Red
  • Album: Until We Have Faces
  • Übersetzungen: Filipino/Tagalog, Italienisch, Polnisch, Ungarisch

Best is yet to come

Afraid it won't come 'round again
Afraid to move on
Wishing I could go back when
Everything was easier and meaningful to me
Wanting all we left behind
Like it's the answer
An hour glass we can't rewind
Holding back the life
That I've denied for so long
Can I find my way to You?
And after all that we've been through
And after all we left in pieces
I still believe our lives have just begun
'Cause now the past can be outrun
And I know You are the reason
I still believe the best is yet to come
A photograph's still in your hands
Afraid to let go
The minutes rain like grains of sand
And time is just a war
That's stealing dreams from within
So come and take them back again
I won't turn around, let it all slip away
I'm never backing down
'Cause tomorrow's a new day
And everything can change
Still believe the best is yet to come
The best is yet to come
I still believe the best is yet to come
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