Rafet El Roman - Sahiller (Englisch Übersetzung)

Englisch Übersetzung


Line by line boats
Stars on the sky
A slow wind
caresses my skin
It strains, it goes away
It smells rankly
When the fishermen draw the net
They go down with bare foot
To the down from high plateau, to the beach
The moonlight wants love
Love sings
The crazy waves come, hit
I hurt within
The young loves wait at harbor
The doves
Secluded is cool
It's the right time for coves
In the red sun , the beaches are in the voice of water
I had woken up
You're stuck at my skin
You're mixed up to my salt
You got covered with my smell
To you, in my heart
In the middle of it
Come, I made a home
In my love palace
In my page of heart
It's only your name, your coyness
To my heart
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