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On days like this

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Mornin', what's up
Everything alright, how late is it?
Nearly nine, ok.
I'll get started, fetch my breakfast
Turn on the walkman, close the front door
Walk through the street, up to the shop
Because they have the best sandwiches
At the counter I can have a look into the newspaper writing:
Something about a major offensive
Tons of bombs on a small city
Many people died
And it was extinguished in just one night
I pay and leave the baker
Yet hearing the news speaker saying:
The situation just got worse, today the weather is wonderful"
Suddenly there's a bang, a 1000 shards everywhere
The neighbor's cat died in an accident
Seeing it might just drag someone down
What's up with the beast just dying in front of my eyes?
What an awesome show
On TV and on the radio
The sun laughs gleefully
On days like this
Nobody who tells me why
If breakfast or dinner
The questions torment me so mercyless
On days like this
UNICEF estimates that a million people are threatened to starve
While I just cut my healthy fruits with the Mulinex
See a child in whose sad eyes sits a fly
I know that this is really cruel but, sh*t, I don't feel anything
What has happend to me, how is this possible?
Maybe I've seen it too often, it's on TV nearly daily
But why can't it scare me anymore
When people die because of polluted water?
This dumb feeling, this emptiness in my head
Something like this cannot happen to us and what it if did?
And the questions torment me, I can't stand this sh*t anymore
They have nothing to eat over there and I feel like having stones in my stomach
What did he just say? On such a normal Saturday
A brutal assault happens in a brutish way
In which six people died, the wounded cry names
Those horrible deeds won't let me fall asleep now
I still see the picture on TV
A young man stands there in the dust
Begging for child and wife
Now I ask myself how it feels like to loose one's child
Even before it celebrated its first birthday
But that is beyong my imagination
Maybe it was an assassin full of hate for his enemy
Maybe there was love for family or they were even fathers too
Sometimes when I see the news something strange happens to me
Because we are parents now too
Have gotten a child
Then it happens that I fear something happening to us
To loose the loved ones, that this really happens
In the middle of the night I wake up and am sweating
Go to the bed of my daughter and hear how she silently breathes
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An Tagen wie diesen

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