Amores Como El Tu Yo (Englisch Übersetzung)

  • Künstler/in: Toby Love (Octavio Rivera)
  • Lied: Amores Como El Tu Yo 2 Übersetzungen
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Toby love

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I had between my hands the sky and let it escape. Was just saying that I love you but I could not talk. I'm sorry ... You gave so much love in your kisses on each awakening .. (maybe you don't believe / maybe is hard for you to believe) I did not how to love you. I'm sorry
And the truth when I breathe smells like loneliness (loneliness I smell) and I look back and you are leaving and you start to forget. And if it is late to talk. To go back to re-start again
Love like yours that gives me, tell me how to fly. Love like yours, who will do it, if it was you who gave me, all his soul in a kiss. Love like yours who will do it, if it was you, who hung the stars in my sky. Tell me how will I do if I can not forget a love like you did give
What hurts most at look you, is not that you'll go. It is so late to me to say I LOVE YOU
Just wanna thank u girl it' truly Toby love
I told ya I was coming
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Amores Como El Tu Yo

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