Tuga, ti i ja (Englisch Übersetzung)

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Sadness, You And Me

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Here I am tonight, my old friend
I will go to her again through long barren streets
there where the fears stop
her palm warms my cheek
on it my lips vanish
Endlessly alone I know her sigh (breath)
Feast me tonight, my old friend
pour in the glass the desire to break me
haven't I been loosing enough
who will measure the pain
I loved until (reach) desperation
I ran away intentionally in order to get back
Again my sadness wakes up, my biggest sadness
the one that carries the snow from a mountain
the wind on the plain
Who now her heart is loving
say it, let it hurt more
we are going to the bottom
the sadness, you and me
I'm greeting you, tonight, my old friend
and I will pass this circle, the atonement won't reach me
what is this spring
against the gentle years
her calling rises me up
even from the bottom it looks the same
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Tuga, ti i ja

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