Van Canto - To Sing a Metal Song


To Sing a Metal Song

There you are not knowing who I am
Am I arrogant?
Am I harmless?
Try to judge me
Do it once again
Do the best you can
You can tell what I have felt
When I once wrote this song?
Still you wonder
How somebody like me
Can manage to get along
All that I ever heard from you
Is silence
Pure Silence
No guitars
No randandan
No "one for all"
and "all for one"
Listen to the crowd around me
They will teach you
To sing a metal song
What it was like thirty years ago
I cannot tell
I'm twenty nine
You've been a rebel?
Long haired and tatooed?
Who cares? I am fine
I got the balls to live my life
And to sing a metal song
You won't tell me
How to sing them right
And how to carry on
You can't stand all things about to change
You are moaning
You are crying
Everything that's different from the past
Makes you dying deep inside
Face the fact that you're the reason
We are here to scream
You won't teach me how to write a song
Power deep within
Von Sciera am So, 24/07/2011 - 22:35 eingetragen
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