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if we could find a rain to cover us
if we would wipe off the ashes from our hands
then I would be your space again (here the 'space' is meant as cosmos)
if I could find the stars to cover us
and if i'd knew, how to light them
as our blindness misleads us
the shadows are so angry with us
that i can't see anything
Again my heart gets wedged
how much will I own ('own'= 'be in dept')
How much am I behind
when you don't stand by my side
And when my heart gets weighted
More then ever
the grief catches me
if you don't stand by my side
I'd like to breath clean air
If you could stop the time just for a moment
to that point, where your lap is warming me
and I did not ask you to leave
as now alone in the night
I feel pitty of myself
thinking of, what i did wrong
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